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All Products are 100% Natural

Products are handcrafted with love in small batches.

Before and After

Real hair growth results with consistent use of the Botanical Grow formula.

Brightens + Fades

Coconut Oil, Turmeric and Matcha skin beauty bar helps create a radiant glow and eliminates hyperpigmentation.

Your hair mask has helped me so much. I had Psoriasis type patches on my scalp, that have cleared up after only 3 applications. I thought I was going to have to visit the dermatologist, but this hair mask worked wonders for me. Thanks Bella Reigns, you have a new loyal customer!!


The brightening soap and botanical glow is for sure healing my dark spots I've been using for 2.5 weeks.

Makayla Cymone

The scrub is so bomb. It smells like I could eat it. And the butter makes you say "Its butter baby"


I washed Summers hair last night and used the oil, girl most oils absorb in her hair becaue of our texture and its dry the next morning. Her hair was so soft and manageable.

Botanical Grow is definitely 10/10. Its so light and I saw a huge difference. Love it.

Kylee Dawson

Girl my hair is thicker and it grew like 4 inches, Im getting braids today so when I come out the braids I'll try to measure.